Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Access Control and Fire and Life Systems for your complete protection and peace of mind.

Securitec Systems safeguard the premises of commercial and residential clients all over the UK. Wherever security matters, we provide complete protection without compromise.

Securitec is an authority in sophisticated security systems. With our experience and expertise, you can monitor and protect everything that is important to you. Our range of electronic security solutions provide homes and businesses with cutting-edge technology to monitor premises, detect intruders, control access and protect against fire.

With our extensive range of intruder alarms and CCTV systems to choose from, you can be certain that trespassers will be kept at bay. We provide and install the latest wired and wireless solutions and integrate them seamlessly using online, digital and Smartphone technology.

It’s not just human threats that Securitec protects you from, we safeguard you against other dangers too. If a fire breaks out in your home or workplace, Securitec fire and life systems will detect the fire, sound a warning and implement action to keep you and your building’s contents safe.

At Securitec, we understand that you invest a great deal of time, money and hard work in your home and business, so keeping them safe is a top priority. By creating a completely secure environment that can be monitored and managed from any location, we free you to live your life and go about you work safe in the knowledge that your property, possessions and people are completely protected.