Take complete control over who enters your property.

Whatever the size and nature of your property, we design, install and maintain the latest, bespoke access systems, giving you peace of mind and total authority over your home’s entry points.

Electronic residential access systems from Securitec give you simple, centralised control over your home’s doors and or electronic gate systems allowing you to verify the identity of a caller before granting access.

Video and audio intercom systems allow you to see and speak to whoever is at the door or gate without opening it. Electric locking systems (mag locks, electronic door lock, shear locks, electronic release) ensure your doors or gates are robustly secured. yet easy for you to open. Proximity cards, numeric codes and fingerprint/biometric readers put the latest key-free technology in your hands, and by integrating it with your home’s intruder alarm, you gain an extra level of security.

With both the latest wireless and traditional hard-wired alarm systems, we will devise the optimum access solution for your home. Our systems offer complete centralised management control with a range of functions, including user-restrictions, recording and reporting.

We are a NSI Gold approved company. This means you can be sure we only install technology that is utterly dependable. We use the most respected brands in the security business and our attention to detail ensures your bespoke security system will blend in beautifully with the appearance of your home.