Keep a watchful eye on your home – wherever you are.

CCTV systems from Securitec deter potential intruders from your home and allow you observe and record everything the cameras can see, whether you’re at home or on the other side of the world.

With Securitec’s range of innovative CCTV systems, your home will never be left unattended. Featuring high quality digital images, IP technologies, night vision, motion detection, tracking and alarm triggering with alerts to offsite 24-7 monitoring stations, our CCTV systems act as an ever-watchful security guard, protecting your premises whether you are at home or many miles away.

With a range of cameras packed with specialist features – including IP, analogue, moving and tracking – our CCTV systems will detect and record every activity. And, when you want to see for yourself what your cameras are recording, you can simply connect with your mobile phone (OSX and Android platforms) and view remotely.

As well as recording suspicious activity around your home, cameras have a deterrent effect, preventing criminality even before it occurs – especially when used in conjunction with security lights and an alarm.

The standard of recording by CCTV cameras has improved greatly in recent years, modern 4K systems providing extremely high quality images in a wide range of conditions. And, because we are a NSI Gold approved company, you can be sure of only the highest standard of CCTV installation and maintenance using the most respected brands on the market.