Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucestershire County Council’s Shire Hall Quayside and Blackfriars buildings have undergone extensive renovation work over the past 18 months, making the building one of the most energy efficient buildings in the UK, with a low carbon footprint and a roof full of solar panels. The new building will offer the Council large cost savings and make available highly efficient office space for the staff and the services it offers to the local community.


Securitec Systems have Installed and maintained the PC based Hybrid IP/RS485 door access system across Gloucestershire County Councils (GCC) Shire hall buildings for the past 10 years and various staff have been directly involved with the site and system for over 20 years. Securitec’s expertise in door access were recognised when asked by the Council to support the expansion of the existing door access system in line with the renovation works.


Securitec Systems being one of the UK’s leading installers and commissioners of Continental Access PC based IP door access systems, were contracted to remove, isolate, install and commission to the councils requirements. Work was carried out in a professional and prompt manor, insuring the buildings security was maintained during the renovation works.

Whatever the size and nature of your business, we design, install and maintain the latest, bespoke access systems, giving you peace of mind and total authority over who can enter your workplace.


The new additions now add to the existing system, totalling over 200 doors and offers the council full security against unauthorised access to protected areas. This is an important requirement with over 5000 staff using the system on a daily basis across the city-wide selection of buildings.

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